RMS Flywheel Cover for Vespa PTS Black

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RMS Flywheel Cover for Vespa PTS Black

Flywheel Cover for Vespa 50 N 92877 ->/​L/​R/​SS/​90 SS w/​o e-starter also for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK/​S/​XL/​XL2/​ETS steel, black

The flywheel cover covers the rotating flywheel and thus prevents this from being damaged or damaging something itself. (The driver's leg for example). For the German TÜV standard, this is a fundamental part of a fully functional scooter. The waste heat which comes from the engine or the cylinder should be transported away by the passing air. This means that anyone who travels without flywheel covers runs the risk of overheating the engine. The worst case is that this will result in a piston jam / seizure. We offer flywheels for all standard small, wide and largeframe models.

For smallframes, we can offer flywheel covers in numerous colour variations (black, carbon look, transparent as well as polished stainless steel). Please note when ordering: covers for engines without E-start do not fit on engines with E-start. On the other hand, covers for engines with E-start may also be easily installed in models without E-start. A particular highlight: the flywheel cover PART No 17913990 with its V-shape design resembles the covers of the V50N 1° and can be easily built onto all smallframes.

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