Michelin S83 3.50-10 Tubeless (made in Serbia)

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  • Kode Produk: CAI057203
  • CAI057203
  • Berat barang: 2g
  • Stok tersisa 62pcs, beli segera!
  • Tag Produk: michelin, ban, 3.50, s83, 59j, tl
  • Rp.850,000

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Michelin S83 3.50-10 Tubeless (made in Serbia)

Please compare the tire size with the size entered in the papers before ordering. Everyone knows the cute Michelin male. But at least they know his name, Bibendum. This is how Michelin tyres have been advertised for more than 110 years.

The Michelin S 83 was developed especially for classic scooters. It combines its matching optics with modern performance. It is also appreciated for its attractive price and long life.

tyre pattern type: classic
sizes: 3.50
size wheel rim: 10
load-index: 59
speed-Index: J (100km/h)
reinforced mark:
tube type mark:
tubeless mark:
white wall:
M+S mark:
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Piaggio 240667, 104718, 057203, 57203, 862374, 2/137371, 94549, 5/23581
Innocenti 15044036

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