HALCYON Mirror Handlebar Ends STADIUM right/left

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HALCYON Mirror Handlebar Ends STADIUM  right/left

Mirror Handlebar Ends STADIUM right/left

  • round
  • Ø 100 mm
  • stainless steel polished
  • for handlebar with Ø 17,5-22mm

Jimmy is alive and well as hell. The MOD scene encounters a strong revival throughout the world. We have included some new suppliers into our product range in order to make your choice even a harder one. In the end, lots of mirrors and lamps are still mandatory for every 60s Vespa.

HALCYON, made in Great Britain: mirrors, mirror stems, number plate holders in good old Retrostyle right from the 60s. The mirrors are produced at the STADIUM factory in Caerphilly, which now as then enjoys much popularity among the English 2-wheel scene. They are made of highly polished stainless steel in heavy quality.

The mirrors are available in various versions: for handlebar ends, clamp-on for the legshield, with clamps for tube handlebars or front luggage carriers as well as mirrors that can be mounted to stems by clamps. A must-have for every MOD and 60s fanatic, a beautiful accessory for all 50s to 70s Vespa models.

Older vehicles that do not possess an EU registration, require a minimum reflection area of 60cm² (just over 9in.²) on each of their mirrors. An European approval emblem is not absolutely necessary. Current scooter models are all registred according to EU legislation. The mirrors that are attached to them must have EU approval markings.

Mirrors that have less than a 60cm² reflection area or no EU approval markings are not meant for (leagal) road use.

The minimum number of mirrors required depends on the first day of registration.

  • before 01.01.1990 1 right hand mirror
  • since 01.01.1990 max. speed under 100 km/h 1 right hand mirror
  • since 01.01.1990 max. speed over 100 km/h a mirror each side

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