SIP Hand Grip PX Black With Bar end

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SIP Hand Grip PX Black With Bar end

KABAR BAIK! Untuk setiap pembelian produk SIP di GMB Vespa, baik melalui website ataupun Tokopedia, akan mendapatkan GRATIS Bulletin Curve Edisi terbaru Bulan Oktober 2020 dan Stiker SIP.
Stok terbatas, cepat diburu sebelum kehabisan!

Grips SIP for Vespa P80-150X/PX80-200E/ Lusso/'98/MY/P200E/P150S, aluminium, black brilliant, Ø 24/24 mm, l 125 mm, with opening at handle-bar end, incl. ends

The SIP Style handlebar grips not only provide an eye-catching feature to your Vespa, but also create a good impression with their obvious quality.

We use a high quality rubber mixture in their production to prolong durability while remaining soft and comfortable. The aluminium end-caps are CNC machined and laser etched with the SIP logo.

SIP-TIP: Why not complete the look and combine the new grips with other CNC machined parts such as handlebar levers?

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