Piaggio Headlamp Vespa New PX

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Piaggio Headlamp Vespa New PX

Bright clear glass halogen headlights of the Vespa PX models from 2001 onwards (Millenium models). Piaggio headlights are usually manufactured by TRIOM or SIEM (Italy). Recently they are also partly made by FIEM (India).

  • Manufacturer: Piaggio (Italy)
  • Scatter lens: plastic (for right-hand traffic)
  • Reflector: chromed plastic
  • Driving/Dipped beam base: HS1 35/35W
  • Sidelight base: glass base W2.1X9.5d- 12V 5W
  • Incl. Bulb socket: Yes
  • Incl. bulb: No
  • Incl. holders: Yes
  • E-mark: Yes

The Vespa PX models all have, except the sporty special model T5, a round headlight with 140mm diameter. In the course of the years only the used bulbs including the corresponding sockets have changed:

  • 1978-1984, type PX old bulb socket for BA20D bulb (25/25Watt) with slots for the sub-distribution of the cable branch of the control lamps for indicators and light. This type can also be used without any problems in the later years of manufacture up to 2000.
  • 1984-2000, Type PX Lusso bulb holder for BA20D bulb (35/35Watt) WITHOUT slots for the sub-distribution of the cable loom of the control lamps for indicators and light. This type can also be used in early models up to 1984 by replacing the bulb holder.
  • from 2000 onwards without separate bulb holder. The used HS1 halogen bulb (35/35Watt) is inserted directly into the headlight housing and fixed by turning a loose plastic ring. Lens and reflector made of clear glass. This type can also be used in all model years before 2000, but in this case the wiring has to be changed individually.

NOTE: Piaggio purchases its products from different manufacturers in Europe and Asia. The picture material may therefore differ from the delivered goods.

manufacturer logo: Triom
size headlight: 140mm
shape headlight: round
colour headlight lens: colourless
material headlight lens: plastic
reflector depth: 50mm
material reflector: plastic
headlight with citylight:
socket headlight bulb: PX43t (H4, HS1)
socket citylight bulb: W2,1X9,5d
socket incl.:
light bulbs incl.:
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Piaggio 582946
Sonstige 58294600

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