Malossi Delta Clutch Kit Vespa LX/​S/​946/Primavera/​Sprint 3V

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Malossi Delta Clutch Kit Vespa LX/​S/​946/Primavera/​Sprint 3V

Clutch Kit MALOSSI Delta Clutch for Vespa LX/​S/​946 3V i.e. 125-150ccm 4T AC also for Vespa Primavera/​Sprint 3V i.e. 150ccm, Ø 134mm

These MALOSSI clutch kits represent an ideal entry point to the world of clutch tuning, and that with almost unbeatable value for money! The 'Fly' clutch kit consists of the MALOSSI 'Fly' clutch and clutch bell is ideal as a replacement for the OEM components and can also be include in more lightly tuned motor set ups. As for the 'Delta' clutch system, it is a case of 'nomen est omen' as it includes the MALOSSI 'Delta' clutch combined with the MALOSSI 'Wing' clutch bell (Leader and Quasar motors require the MALOSSI clutch bell). This high end set up is a virtual guarantee of a much improved pick-up and acceleration for your motor.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 5217667 (MALOSSI)

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