Malossi Carburettor Kit with manifold kit X360 reed valve 2012

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Malossi Carburettor Kit with manifold kit X360 reed valve 2012

The MALOSSI reed valve carburettor kit is perfect as the basis for conversion to reed valve control. In addition to a DELL'ORTO PHBL 30 carburettor, it also includes a matching two part MALOSSI reed valve manifold (with a bigger cross section for the highest outlet as well as air bellow and cable kit).

We stock the carburettor kit in three versions for the 80cc-150cc, for the 200cc and for the 125/150 COSA models. A brand new highlight: The kit is also available (apart from the 125/150 COSA) with a modular MALOSSI intake manifold that can be rotated 360°. The angled connection piece is fitted in a groove in the aluminium base plate and presses onto the base plate of the intake manifold due to the screw connections on the base plate. The connection angle of the carburettor itself can be determined via the individual positioning of the connection piece. The intake manifold also convinces in terms of performance!

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 1615550 (MALOSSI)

EAN Number: 4260335258576

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