BGM Pro Engine Rubber for Vespa PX200 (Spartan)

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BGM Pro Engine Rubber for Vespa PX200 (Spartan)

The bgm PRO silent rubbers improve the handling by a much more precise guidance of the engine in the frame. The reinforced rubbers have asymmetrical degrees of hardness. Therefore the riding comfort is maintained despite a tighter suspension.

With the reinforced bgm motor silent rubbers supplied in pairs, the chassis gains in directional stability, steering precision and stiffness. The mounting is easy and is ideal e.g. in the course of an engine revision.


Vespa PX 200, V50, PV125 ET3, PK
Disposal over inserted rubbers. Remove (lever out) the old rubbers from the housing.
Push the new BGM PRO rubbers back into the housing with a little talcum powder.

Vespa PX80-150, Sprint, VBB, etc.
These models use pressed rubber ex works.
Here the caulked axle ends are drilled out / deflected. Remove tube and rubber from the housing.
Push the new BGM PRO rubbers with a little talcum back into the housing.

NOTE: Mount the silent rubbers dry, do not grease/oil them. Use talcum powder for easier mounting.
Please note:
The rubbers are to be installed directionally.

  • In direction of travel left: Red colour marking
  • In direction of travel right: Green colour marking
quantity incl.: 2
EAN: 4251389105152
Rubber parts
material: metal, rubber
length: 105 mm
Ø inner: 14 mm
Ø outer: 45.3 mm
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Piaggio 174724, 174723

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