BGM Pro Clutch Superstrong for Vespa PTS

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  • Kode Produk: BGM8050E
  • BGM8050E
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BGM Pro Clutch Superstrong for Vespa PTS

The bgm PRO Superstrong is the Plug n Play coupling solution for small frames - Made in Germany.
Special features:

  • Ready for installation
  • 4-Disc clutch with organic racing pads
  • spring force (springs BGM XL) designed for up to 22HP/20Nm
  • Cold and warm separation perfect
  • Easy to operate
  • No changes to the cover/housing necessary
  • Without Keyway (crescent key)
  • Manufactured and assembled in Germany

Delivered ready for installation, the BGM Superstrong coupling is ideally suited to bring the power of even the most powerful engine setups to the road.
A great advantage is the use of standard components.
The clutch pad type is identical to that of the V50/PK XL, the clutch springs are from the Cosa clutch. As a puller the polewheel puller with 28x1mm of the electronic Vespa ignitions (e.g. PK and PX) is used. So you don't need any special parts in case of a revision.

The mounted springs are designed for a power range up to approx. 22PS/20Nm. At the same time it is still very easy to operate.
With optional harder springs the clutch is also suitable for much higher power.

The BGM Superstrong has no groove for the key in the auxiliary shaft. This increases the bearing area on the cone considerably if a corresponding auxiliary shaft is used. Technically the half moon is not required, the complete torque is transmitted via the frictional connection by means of the cone. As soon as this frictional connection is too low, the crescent would immediately shear off, i.e. it is not suitable for transmitting torque to a sufficient degree.

EAN: 4250366708782
Clutch (Smallframe)
diameter clutch plates: 110 mm
friction material: red cork
thickness friction discs: 3.25 mm
spacer needed:
number of steel discs: 3
number of friction discs: 4
number of springs: 16
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)

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