SIP Road Racing Exhaust XL Viper Box by Nordspeed for Vespa PX200

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SIP Road Racing Exhaust XL Viper Box by Nordspeed for Vespa PX200

Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD XL Viper Box by Nordspeed for Vespa 200 Rally/​P200E/​PX200 E/​Lusso/​'98/​MY/​Cosa 200 steel black EGT and lambda connection fits wide tyre, TUNING SPORT - high-performance & roadworthy

For race use only. Not admitted in the streets!

High-end exhaust systems from a high-end Vespa tuning shop, in serial production by SIP.

Where a four-stroke motor requires valves, camshaft, exhaust and a turbo, a two-stroke just requires a well designed exhaust. A few pieces of sheet-metal modelled to create a form that harmonises perfectly with the layout and size of the openings in the cylinders bore, known as transfer and exhaust ports. The design of the resonance chamber not only influences the removal of hot exhaust gases, but the pulse effect also affects the flow of fresh fuel mixture into the cylinder. On modern two-strokes this technology is the main reason for its superiority over the four-stroke motor.

As simple as the description may seem, the creation of a properly formed expansion chamber body is a science for itself. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Really good exhaust fabricators are as rare as uncooked steak and often only maintain limited production runs, making their products usually expensive.

NORDSPEED, based near Bremen in northern Germany, enjoy an almost legendary reputation as far as the production of excellent race exhausts for vintage geared Vespa and Lambretta scooters is concerned.

The systems created by Tobi Rüßmann for the 200cc Vespa largeframe models represent an absolute benchmark in the world of exhaust manufacture. The limited space between the cylinder studs that leave the transfer ports with a restricted amount of air to breathe is his area of speciality and the design of his exhausts makes the best out of this unusual motor layout.

SIP and NORDSPEED have combined their efforts in this field and the result are exhaust systems with the most powerful design, coupled with modern features such as EGT and a lambda sensor connection possibility.

Technical specifications of all SIP by NORDSPEED exhaust systems:

  • O-ring flange, suitable for all common cylinders.
  • EGT connector.
  • Lambda sensor connector.
  • Flange plate allows the attachment of most common silencers.

Viper Box:
The 'Viper Box' represents the peak performer amongst the big box exhaust systems. Although a maximum power output was not a priority in its design, a wide usable power-band delivered within a comfortable rev-range is responsible for its excellent riding performance.

To enable full enjoyment of this extra performance care was also taken to ensure good ground clearance while cornering, with the clever routing of this exhaust pipe. Despite its big box and the voluminous manifold design, the scooter can be safely lent into corners while travelling along narrow mountain pass roads. Only the 8” wheeled Vespa models can come close to eventual road contact.

The outlet diameter is slightly larger than usual to ensure that the exhaust is not thermally prone to overheat. This helps ensure the available power remains constant during long motorway journeys and the cylinder maintain a healthy temperature.

The advantages of the 'Viper Box' at a glance:

  • Wide power-band.
  • High maximum power output.
  • Greater angle-of-lean/cleverly routed.
  • Good thermal properties.

The 'Viper Box' functions optimally when the port timings of the cylinder are adjusted to suit its elaborate layout. We recommend a transfer port timing of: 130°-136°, exhaust port timing of: 190°-196° and a blow down timing of 30°-32°.

A summary of the properties of the SIP big box exhausts:

  • SIP Road 2.0 : The best all-rounder amongst the big box systems which is effective with all motor set ups. It was not designed to provide maximum power but enables a quick throttle response throughout the rev-range. This boost is especially noticeable during initial acceleration which is very practical in everyday traffic situations.
  • SIP Road 3.0 : The ideal box for mildly tuned motors that provides a convincing increase in power output and torque delivery, which starts being delivered from low in the rev-range. An exhaust strong in torque based on an original sized box system. Conceived for combination with a MALOSSI 210cc cylinder and a 24SI carburettor.
  • SIP Viper Box by NORDSPEED: Very powerful big box with an impressively wide power-band. Conceived for inclusion in the more advanced of tuning projects. This exhaust delivers the performance of a very good expansion chamber system in a wider, more practical area of the rev-range.
  • SIP Road XL : One of the most powerful big box systems currently available on the market. It is, similar to the Viper Box, conceived for advanced tuning projects, but delivers its power slightly higher in the rev-range with a good pre-power band performance.

Conclusion: The premier league of performance amongst the big box exhaust systems currently available, with careful routing and modern features.

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