• SIP Rim Tubeless 2.15-8" Aluminium Grey Patina

SIP Rim Tubeless 2.15-8" Aluminium Grey Patina


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  • Product Code: 83012400
  • 83012400
  • SIP Rim Tubeless 2.15-8" Aluminium Grey Patina
  • Weight: 1,590g
  • Dimension: 290mm x 250mm x 100mm
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  • $138

Deskripsi Produk

Rim Tubeless SIP for Vespa 98/125 V1-15/V30-33/VU/VM/VN/VNA/Hoffmann/VNB/ACMA/150VL/VB/VBA/VBB, 2.15-8", closed, aluminium polished, 4-hole, Grade AA - for a first-class repair

Innovation in style, engineering and security. The new SIP tubeless rim, allows you to use tyre without a tube. In case of a puncture a sudden air leak will be prevented, the air pressure will decrease slowly. Blown tubeswill be a thing of the past. So will valve tear offs or punctures due to tubes beeing trapped between the rims during assembly. The SIP tubeless rim combines the advantages of a classic cast rim with a high production accuracy and quality. The design is a tubeless double hump rim. This hump prevents the tyrefrom slipping into the rim well in case of a puncture. The rim rotation is very precise and the surface finish is perfect. The valve is included and already mounted.

2.15-8: Ready to roll! The ideal rim for your 8” classic. Perfect for the use with 3.50-8 tyres. Made for the use with M8 nuts (part no. 87430000) or M10 (part no. 87193000). Please order the nuts according your scooter axle.

Aluminium rim, painted, 2.15-8 inch, tubeless
- long valves
- no homologation, „for race use only“

SIP-TIP: Keep some air stop spray in your glove box. Fit the tubeloess rim on the sparewheel too.

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