SIP Pordoi Mudguard Crest Black Colour for Vespa GTS

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SIP Pordoi Mudguard Crest Black Colour for Vespa GTS

Mudguard Crest SIP PORDOI for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GT/GT L 125-300ccm,aluminium CNC, black anodised, bolted as a very nice accessory

The original mudguard crests for the modern Vespa models are often too prominent and spoil the sleek lines of the Vespa models overall look. We took the crests of yesteryear as our inspiration and designed an item that complements rather than disturbs the scooters design which are sleeker and not as obvious as the factory versions. They do not stick out like sore thumbs but instead lie there with a cool appearance. These crests are attached to the mudguard with two screws from below, as with the originals. All necessary fixing materials are included in the delivery.

Neat extra feature: display your colours effectively at all events and ride-outs etc.- all common silicon wrist-bands can be visibly applied! Also useful: our 'Limited Editions' can be purchased at rallies and proudly displayed.

SIP - TIP: Why not combine this quality crest with other CNC machined parts in the SIP PORDOI range?

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