SIP Handgrip Series Pordoi, L 125mm, Ø 24/​24mm Black

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SIP Handgrip Series Pordoi, L 125mm, Ø 24/​24mm Black

Grips SIP SERIES PORDOI for Vespa 50-125 PV/​ET3/​125 GT/​GTR/​Super/​TS/​150 GL/​Sprint/​V/​Super/​180SS/​200 Rally/​PX80-200/​PE Lusso'98/​MY

  • l 125 mm
  • Ø 24/​24 mm
  • rubber
  • black

As an extremely attractive accessory and Grade A - perfect repair.

Ergonomically. Stylish. Good
Although often forgotten or easily overlooked, handlebar grips are the direct point of control and contact between the scooter and its rider. During the design of these SIP PORDOI grips we decided to avoid impractical aluminium rings and the mainstream look and concentrate on providing real-world practicality combined with an attractive appearance.

  • Ergonomically optimized shape for comfortable use
  • Waffle pattern takes up the design element of the Vintage handlebar grips
  • High quality and precise manufacturing

Their oval form cossets the palms of your hands, enabling a safe grip to be maintained at all times, even over longer distances. Precisely these features lead to a direct increase in comfort and make the SIP PORDOI handlebar grips ideal companions whether touring the countryside or cruising through the urban jungle.

We use a high quality rubber mixture in their production which leaves them resistant against colour fade and becoming brittle over time. If you wish to combine these grips with handlebar-end indicators a groove has been incorporated into their design around the closed end to enable a clean cut with a carpet knife or similar.

Before mounting we recommend you spray a dash of brake cleaner as temporary lubrication as it evaporates as quickly as you can push them over the handlebars.

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