SIP Front Suspension with subtank Vespa PTS, SS90, Darling Black Edition


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  • Product Code: 76003FBB
  • 76003FBB
  • SIP Front Suspension with subtank Vespa PTS, SS90, Darling Black Edition
  • Weight: 1,200g
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Deskripsi Produk

Shock Absorber SIP PERFORMANCE RACE front for Vespa 50-125 PV/ET3, body: black, spring: black, compression stroke: 12 settings, spring pre-load: adjustable, rebound adjustment: 16 settings, aluminium, external fluid reservoir, RACE chassis - first-class Adjustable State of the Art aluminium CNC shock absorbers.

On the basis of a German development we are now able to present a modern and innovative suspension which catapults the Vespa straight into the "here and now"! The result is the SIP PERFORMANCE range of shock absorbers from precisely CNC milled construction elements, almost unlimited settings options and a range of additional gimmicks. All of the experience we have gained over 30 years was incorporated in the development.

Features such as the continuously variable spring preload, a genuinely progressive spring and adjustable rebound damping are just a part of the sophisticated features. Technical refinements such as a 14,0 mm thick rise bar, hardened light weight materials and an additional guide plate for the upper rubber bearings all provide additional stability in the suspension. High quality materials are as straightforward as the precise and detailed CNC production and a perfect finish including surface protection. A comprehensive fixings kit for the lower engine fastening is included in the delivery of the SIP Rear Shock Absorber unit. This kit contains nuts and bolts suitable for all common lower engine fastening sizes (M9 and M10). We also include spacer washers in order to compensate for the varying production tolerance guidelines of the different producers of steering columns and shock absorber fixings.

With this second generation 2.0 series, the shock absorbers were primarily designed with the emphasis on touring set ups. They provide a more comfortable ride over long distances and badly maintained roads. The piston shaft diameter has been increased to 14mm, the lower fixing eyelets beefed up and the inner workings and overall design have also been redeveloped. The settings extend from maximum comfort to race-track stiffness.

The function of the adjustment options

Spring preload: The continuously variable spring preload means the shock absorber springs can be given a tighter basic setting - the forces compressing the spring thus meet an early counterforce. The spring preload occurs via counter rings, which, when effectively counter-rotated, guarantee an effective degree of safety against unwanted adjustments. The adjustment tool is naturally also supplied.

Progressive springs: Our shock absorbers are also equipped with a progressive spring which means the clearances between the spring coils become progressively lower (progressive). Only progressively coiled springs permit a genuinely comfortable response when braking or riding either with luggage or a passenger, which means the spring initially responds very sensitively but gets 'stiffer' in the case of further spring compression/loading. In order to be able to tailor their individual performance to cater for the larger riders amongst us, or other heavy loads, we also have a selection of springs available in varying stiffness’s and colours.

Setting the rebound damping: The rebound damping gives a positive finish to the overall picture and influences the extension characteristics of the shock absorber, which means it regulates the response when driving over uneven road surfaces and potholes and also when braking. Depending on the model between 10 and 20 different possible settings ('clicks') for the rebound level are available. On turning the rebound damping in a clockwise direction the damping level increases, when turning it in an anticlockwise direction it lessens (direction of view = plan view).

Compression stage adjustment: Compression settings determine how fast the shock compresses. This is important to set the suspension sensitive enough to respond to road irregularities without being bouncy. The compression stage can be adjusted in 9 settings.

The reservoir: A reservoir makes sure there is a sufficient volume of oil plus enough space for the compression adjustment mechanism. A larger volume of oil also helps to keep the oil temperature constant under high loads, which is essential to maintain level performance of the shock. The adjustable valve relevant for compression damping sits between shock and reservoir.

Conclusion: A successful alternative to conventional shock absorbers which not only convince thanks to their technical features but also through their style and their design quality.

Tecnical Details

  • High-strength aluminium for low weight
  • CNC body, anodised
  • Spring preload infinitely adjustable
  • Rebound adjustment with 20 settings
  • Damping stage set-up with 9 settings
  • External damping reservoir
  • Ø=14mm piston pushrod
  • Smoothest and most comfortable ride
  • Available as single or pair
  • Incl. SIP bolt kit

The Best Set-Up – Our SIP-TIP:

  • Any high performance suspension profits from low unsprung weight. This is where the SIP tubeless rim scores: art.-no. 81068100
  • If the suspension is good for high speeds the tyres should let the team down. SIP tyres speed indexed up to 150kph: art.-no. 79592000
  • The right tool to set up your suspension: art.-no. 79592000
Info: On the Grimeca disc brakes it may be necessary to adjust the shock absorber attachment slightly. The ex-works plastic coating often has very big variations in terms of the thickness of the coating. This is straightforward and easy to do by yourself.

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