• Pinasco Modular Rim PX 2.10-10 tubeless black

Pinasco Modular Rim PX 2.10-10 tubeless black


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  • Product Code: 25472002
  • 25472002
  • Pinasco Modular Rim PX 2.10-10 tubeless black
  • Weight: 1,840g
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Deskripsi Produk

The Pinasco tubeless rims are the first divisible aluminium rims for the Vespa.
They have the advantage of the original divisible steel rims and make it much easier to change the tyre in case of a breakdown. The rim halves are cast and CNC machined. They have an O-ring between the rim halves. This seals the rims airtight and allows the mounting of so-called tubeless tyres.
Despite the aluminium used, the rims are as heavy as the original steel rims. This is due to the safety and the great material thickness of the rim halves. The rim is equipped with a conventional 90° valve insert. Conventional M8 bolts are used to screw the rim halves together. The M8 nuts on the other hand have a 14mm wrench size. This is to avoid confusing the wheel nuts with the rim nuts. The O-ring groove does not have any ridges to hold the ring in position. Therefore special care is advisable during assembly.

Due to the subsequent CNC machining, the rims, unlike many steel counterparts, run very round.

  • Split aluminium rims
  • Weight: 1490Gr (incl. bolts and nuts)
  • O-ring sealing
  • Good concentricity
  • Incl. TÜV test report (no expert opinion, individual acceptance required!)

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