Moto Nostra GTS Indicator set front + rear - 2K22 (19-22) dynamic LED sequential light

Moto Nostra

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  • Product Code: MN629KTB
  • MN629KTB
  • Moto Nostra GTS Indicator set front + rear - 2K22 (19-22) dynamic LED sequential light
  • Weight: 1,046g
  • Dimension: 280mm x 280mm x 80mm
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  • $242

Deskripsi Produk

MOTO NOSTRA turn signals with dynamic running light for Vespa GTS.

The MOTO NOSTRA turn signals have individually controlled LEDs and thus generate a fully dynamic running light, as known from vehicles of the luxury class (eg Audi A7). The generated light effect is very pleasing and offers a pleasant change to conventional turn signals. As an additional feature, the turn signals have front and rear reflectors in facet look. When standing directly in front of or behind the vehicle, the actual position of the LEDs cannot be seen from the outside.


This new technology increases the visual width of the rear in the dark, significantly improving perception in traffic. The bright LEDs of the turn signals are clearly visible even from a long distance. The running light is also optically better detected than with a conventional turn signal.


The tinted turn signals offer an exclusive and classy look. When they are not in use, they are visually discreet.


The matching MOTO NOSTRA tail lights(see accessories below) have the exact same tint of the glass and an identical reflector design. They therefore harmonize very nicely with the turn signals and together form a very successful visual and technical upgrade for the rear of the vehicle.


A special concern for us was the quality and fit. Both are on a very high level with the MOTO NOSTRA turn signals. In addition, the Moto Nostra turn signals are always delivered with connection adapters. Therefore, no intervention in the wiring harness must be made!


The turn signals have of course a test mark and are approved for public road traffic (no TÜV acceptance required). Available for front or rear in clear glass or black tinted as well as a cost-effective complete set.


The front turn signal set comes with an adapter plug. This is plugged into the service plug (under the cascade) and taps the power for the position lights here. If the slot of the service plug is already occupied (eg alarm system), we offer a separately available cable switch (PV60CKTA). This allows both systems to be operated in parallel.


Three adapter plugs are included with the rear turn signal set. The large connector (BGM6606BL18) extends the wiring of the rear light and at the same time taps the current for the position lights, which are not available as standard. The extension also allows the cables to be routed in the bead below the taillight. The two small cable adapters (BGM6606GTS) are needed to adapt the old plug system to the new super-seal system.


Piaggio has reversed the polarity of the rear turn signal connections on GTS models with chassis prefix ZAPM452. This is not a problem with conventional turn signals with filament bulb. If LED turn signals are connected, they do not work. In this case, please simply use the second enclosed plug set (with the black instead of the white connectors).

Important note :

When converting from incandescent lamps to LEDs in vehicle turn signals, it can, due to the different resistance values of the bulbs and / or the factory installed relays, under unfavorable circumstances to malfunction. To avoid this from the outset, a flasher relay such as the article MN6202 or BGM6202 should be used in case of doubt.

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