Mazzucchelli PTS Rotary Stroke 51 Cone 20 Pin 15


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  • Product Code: AMT186
  • AMT186
  • Mazzucchelli PTS Rotary Stroke 51 Cone 20 Pin 15
  • Weight: 1,300g
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Deskripsi Produk

The crankshaft is the heart of your motor and really takes a beating. Crankshafts in engins with a lot of mileage on them or piloted by speed freaks often have the bearing and shaft gasket hubs shrink or the connecting rod bearings are loose. With every motor service the crankshaft should be replaced.

We only carry high quality standard crankshafts. MAZZUCCHELLI and TAMENI, made in Italy - both from the Milano region, have manufactured first class and reasonably priced Vespa crankshafts for decades. The Portuguese producer JASIL, also known as TOP RACING, advanced in the past years to a top address in crankshaft productions. He is in no way inferior to the italian manufacturers.

Appearance, quality and timing are at all the same as the PIAGGIO original.

To top this, the TAMENI shafts have very good pressure measurement. Some shafts, such as the ETS crankshafts and the PK automatic shafts are original PIAGGIO shafts.

The ETS crankshaft is clearly a highlight and struts it's stuff with an intake timing of 126°. The flywheel side bearing and shaft gasket hub is additionally reinforced and thicker. When used in a V50/PK/PV/ET3 motor casing, a conversion bearing/shaft gasket ring is necessary. All crankshafts are delivered with the upper connecting rod bearings. For those who like it sporty, go for a racing shaft. They offer not only a longer intake timing, they additionally have a polished special con rod 'Messerpleuel' with a high quality silver bearing.

Conclusion: Solid and good products. Perfect for overhauling motors and effectual with decent tuning.

Crankshaft / stroke 51mm / piston rod 97mm / 19/20mm, M10

Crankshaft with Ø 82mm crankweb (flywheel side), Ø 87mm crankweb (rotary valve side), 97mm piston rod, oil seal housing 20mm, bearing housing 19mm, pointed cone with M10mm thread, incl. piston rod bearing

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 1232946 (PIAGGIO)

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