Mazzucchelli PTS Rotary Stroke 51 Cone 19 Pin 15


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  • Product Code: AMT160
  • AMT160
  • Mazzucchelli PTS Rotary Stroke 51 Cone 19 Pin 15
  • Weight: 1,300g
  • Stok tersisa 9pcs, beli segera!
  • $135

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Deskripsi Produk

In order to achieve higher speeds, one should reach for the racing shaft. The extended intake timing results in a much freer engine revs. This measure is especially noticeable with high-revving cylinders.

The quality of the crankshafts is very good and so they resist even the highest revs. Especially for the higher capacity engines from 125cc they are an optimal supplement to extend the usable speed range of racing cylinders without spitback in the lower speed range.

These engines offer both, a decent torque over the whole speed range and a free coasting without the engine running out of air on inclines.

sizes: 15x19x20mm
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 15 mm
stroke: 51 mm
thread rotor side: M10x1,5 right-hand thread
thread drive side: M12x1,25 right-hand thread
diameter crankwebs: 87 mm
width crankwebs: 38 mm
diameter bearing seat rotor side: 25 mm
diameter bearing seat drive side: 17 mm
diameter oil seal seat rotor side: 19 mm
diameter oil seal seat drive side: 22.7 mm
full circle crankshaft:
rotary valve crankshaft:
length rotary crankweb: 180 mm
Vespa V50, PV - intake timing for short rotary surface (22mm) (°): 150
Vespa PK XL2, ETS - intake timing for long rotary surface (28mm) (°): 160
Vespa PK XL2, ETS - intake timing for long rotary surface (37mm fully modified) (°): 173
crankcase has to be milled:
engine casing has to be modified:
Connecting rods
length connecting rod: 97 mm
thickness connecting rod: 4.6 mm
diameter small end connecting rod eye: 19 mm
lubricating hole at small end bearing: no
diameter crankpin: 20 mm
lubricating hole at crankpin bearing: notch
crankpin shims: yes
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Sonstige: 45065000

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