Mazzucchelli PTS Full Circle Stroke 54mm, Conrod 105.0mm Cone 20


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  • Product Code: AMT186MVT1
  • AMT186MVT1
  • Mazzucchelli PTS Full Circle Stroke 54mm, Conrod 105.0mm Cone 20
  • Weight: 1,590g
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  • $242

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Deskripsi Produk

Full Circle Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI for Vespa 90-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK80-125/​S

  • reed valve
  • stroke 54.0mm
  • conrod 105.0mm
  • Standard - con rod
  • cone 20/​20mm, M12

TUNING RACE - for professionals

Innovation "Made in Italy"! MAZZUCCHELLI known as the top Italian crankshaft manufacturer, announces their own special series of 54 mm crankshafts. The 54mm full circle crankshafts are the secret of high performance engine tuning. The longer stroke equals a higher capacity and a higher capacity equals a higher performance. The closed crankweb leads to a higher initial compression. Spacers (thicker head and/or base gaskets) make up for the longer stroke. That allows you to play with the timings.

MAZZUCCHELLI crankshafts go to the top of the class due to high quality manufacturing. Exact twist and turning resistance by this new series is made possible by using the best materials the market has to offer. All 54 mm crankshafts are outfitted with a stable connecting rod with mathematically precise partial polishing and a “Silver Bearing” (remarkably acceleration stable) for the lower connecting rod bearing. Crank webs are outfitted with additional balance wells sealed with pertinax inlets to improve gas flow. Both crankwebs have Ø 87mm. The crankshaft is available with a 20/20 or a 24/25 cone, and with a 97mm or a 105mm piston rod. The longer con rod changes timings, too. You should level out the longer stroke (51mm -> 54mm) and the longer piston rod (97mm -> 105mm) by means of a thicker base gasket!

New and exclusively produced for SIP: The RACE version of the 54mm 20/20mm crankshaft. Additional lubrications bores in the upper and slots in the lower connecting rod bearing ensure better lubrication and reliable performance in high revving regions. The crankshaft is also equipped with a stable and polished special con rod (‘Messerpleuel’).

CAUTION: for the MAZZUCHELLI 54 mm crankshaft, you'll need to mill the crankcase housing and motor casing to fit! The crankshafts can only be used in combination with a direct intake or an enlarged reed valve intake.

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