HD Corse Headlight GTS LED

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HD Corse Headlight GTS LED

LED headlights from HD CORSE with E9 marking (street legal) and bright high / low beam as well as position light.
The HD Corse headlight has a central LED bar as a position light instead of a light ring (as with the Moto Nostra LED headlight).


The light output of the Vespa GTS models is 65 watts with the standard headlight bulb.
The luminosity is measured in lumens around the value 100.
The LED headlight has almost six times as high a luminosity (approx. 600/650 lumens). The power consumption is only around 20 watts.
In this way, significantly better illumination can be achieved.
Another plus point is that the battery is charged a whopping 66% less. This leaves a lot of reserve for other consumers.

  • Voltage: 12 volts DC (direct current)
  • Power consumption: 19W / 13W / 0.7W
  • fits without modifications in all Vespa GT / GTS models (up to 2018)

The headlight has an E-mark and can therefore be used legally on the road without further TÜV / Dekra approval.

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