BGM VBB Front Shock Subtank Black

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BGM VBB Front Shock Subtank Black

Shock absorber front -BGM PRO SC COMPETITION- for Vespa
Largeframe Rally, Sprint, GT/GTR, TS, GL, Super, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB
Wideframe V30-33, VM, VN, VL, GS150 / GS3, VB, ACMA(1952-), Hoffmann Königin

The BGM PRO SC Competition shock absorber is a further development of the successful BGM PRO F16 Sport series. Optically the Competition Series differs by the external reservoir. This allows an even better response behaviour due to a larger compensation volume compared to the sport damper. At the same time, the effective adjustment range of the damping has been increased.

Application area Sport & Comfort

The Competition damper has a different basic tuning compared to the sport damper.
This makes it very suitable for use with stiff sport springs such as the BGM Pro spring.
The adjustment of rebound and compression damping also counteracts the typical brake pitching, but also effectively counteracts too fast a rebound on short bumps.
This means that the Competition damper offers a lot of reserves even in high-performance vehicles.
The wide range of damper tuning also allows the use with a standard spring, which means that with a soft damper adjustment a comfortable driving is still possible.


Due to the optimized installation dimension of 165mm the damper fits without any problems on all 8 inch models without pretensioning the spring or changing the angle of the swingarm. When mounted, the outer reservoir is largely covered by the fender, which preserves the original look of the car front.

As with the F16 Sport series, the damper body is made of hard anodized aluminum.

The damper is available in black and silver.

We also offer the BGM Competition damper as a set with the BGM suspension spring, which perfectly matches the reinforced damper.

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