BGM Rear Shock Rubber (made in Germany)

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  • Tag Produk: bgm, shock, absorber, shockbreaker, suspension, silent, bush
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BGM Rear Shock Rubber (made in Germany)

Silent rubber rear, shock absorber mount in the engine block.this rubber mounts the lower mounting fork of the rear shock absorber.

Therefore the good condition of this rubber is essential to keep unpleasant vibrations and oscillations away from the rider and to ensure a clean guidance of the shock absorber.

  • length: 34,5mm
  • Ø outside: 30mm
  • Ø inside: for 15mm bolts

This version is longer than the original Piaggio component. Furthermore, it is not chamfered as much at the ends, so that more rubber is available for damping.

quantity incl.: 1
EAN: 4251389102014, 4251389100225
Rubber parts
material: rubber
length: 35 mm
Ø inner: 14 mm
Ø outer: 29 mm
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Piaggio 157103, 094727, 94727
Sonstige 94727100

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