BGM Pro Front Brake Caliper 4P Radial Fixing for Vespa PX

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BGM Pro Front Brake Caliper 4P Radial Fixing for Vespa PX

The BGM Pro spider is a fine material for high demands.
Made of high quality 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome molybdenum steel.
The BGM spider is very resistant, but offers elasticity to protect the button in the gear wheel. Better than the original product. Always consistently high quality.

Usable for all types of use, whether Tourer or Racer.

Solid 4 piston brake caliper with radial mounting.
Two-piece CNC milled housing made of high-strength aluminium, anodized.

With 4x25mm pistons the caliper has 40% more piston area than a conventional two-piston caliper with 30mm piston. The hydraulic transmission ratio is greatly improved and the braking force (with the same lever force) is increased. A further advantage of the 4 piston technology is the symmetrical load on the pads, which means that they are always in full contact. A pad change is done quickly and easily by means of a stud bolt. A big advantage in racing. Central connection of the brake line.

Suitable for the BGM brake caliper mounting for PX, PK, T5 and Cosa.

  • Piston diameter: 4x 25mm
  • Fixing type: Radial
  • Punch: 80mm
  • Fixing holes: Ø 8mm
  • Brake banjo connection: M10x1.25mm
  • Bleeder nipple integrated in brake banjo screw
  • Mobile with original brake pump
  • Recommended brake pump piston diameters:
  • h Pump: 12-13mm
  • Radial pump: 10-11mm

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