BGM Oil Dipstick Vespa GTS200-300 Black

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  • Kode Produk: BGM5810B
  • BGM5810B
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BGM Oil Dipstick Vespa GTS200-300 Black

Engine oil dipstick BGM PRO made of CNC-milled, high-strength aluminium.

  • Silver or black anodized available
  • Fits all Piaggio Leader/Quasar 125-300ccm engines
  • 1:1 replacement for the original plastic dipstick
  • No tools necessary
  • High-quality manufacturing (dipstick with thread+ high-strength screw glue secured in the head)
  • Incl. O-ring
  • Ready for direct installation

engine oil check

Do not warm up the engine, if necessary let it cool down for ~10min. Unscrew the oil dipstick and clean it with a clean cloth. Screw the dipstick back in completely.
After unscrewing it again, check whether the oil level is in the area between the two notches screwed in. The upper notch represents the limit for the maximum filling. This corresponds to the engine oil filling quantity of 1300ml and must not be exceeded. With warm engine the oil level is lower, if necessary let the engine cool down for 10min and check again.
The lower notch represents the minimum oil level. The difference between the two marks is approx. 200ml. If the oil level is below the notch, top up the engine accordingly.
After a successful check, screw the oil dipstick back in and tighten it sufficiently

  • Engine oil filling quantity Vespa GTS: ~1300ml
  • Change interval: starting at 1000km every 10000km

TIP: Order directly the suitable BGM PRO transmission oil dipstick for it

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