BGM Front Brake Caliper Bracket Vespa PX Disc (1998-) Silver

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BGM Front Brake Caliper Bracket Vespa PX Disc (1998-) Silver

Brake caliper mount 'TOURING RADIAL' BGM PRO FOR Vespa PX

Professional brake caliper mount from BGM PRO 'Made in Italy'.
Allows the mounting of the radially mounted BGM PRO 4-piston caliper.
This allows, with fine dosing, braking values at motorcycle level.


A special feature of the BGM PRO caliper adapter is its uncompromising design for maximum possible deceleration. For this purpose, the brake caliper has been oriented in such a way that the brake pads are applied to the maximum outer diameter of the brake disc. Unlike other adapters, the BGM PRO caliper mount has the largest effective lever and therefore the best deceleration values.


Improving riding safety was the dominant element in the development phase of the BGM PRO brake calliper mount. Thus, the possibility of lateral centering of the caliper to the brake disc was created. The BGM PRO set can be exactly centered to the brake disc with the extra slim BGM PRO caliper. This is done with the help of the enclosed disc set. Compared to other suppliers, this ensures that the brake pistons, even with heavy wear of the pads / disc, always sufficient guide length in the caliper is available.


The BGM PRO caliper mount replaces the original Piaggio component 1:1 and is optimally complemented by the BGM PRO caliper. However, due to the standard 82mm hole pattern used, calipers from other manufacturers (e.g. Stage6, RPM or Adelin) can also be used. However, the BGM PRO caliper is particularly narrow and is the only one that can be adjusted exactly in the middle of the brake disc.


The BGM PRO brake caliper adapter is made of high-strength aluminium which is CNC machined in a specialized company in Italy and finally hard anodized. This means that it can withstand even the toughest environmental conditions and remains permanently solid and visually appealing. The mount is delivered ready to install, with high quality needle bearings from European suppliers (SKF/INA) already mounted.


  • 1x Brake caliper mount BGM PRO Radial Touring for Vespa PX
  • 2x fixing screw for brake caliper M8x45mm hexagon socket
  • 1x spacer set
  • 1x O-ring 34,5x1,8mm
  • 1x V-ring 22x3,5x26mm
  • 1x circlip Ø20mm


The caliper mount is available for Vespa or LML. The difference between both types is the different dimensions of the speedometer drive. The selection of the correct adapter is therefore based on the existing / used brake drum (Piaggio or LML).


  • A Vespa PX (year 1985) which has been retrofitted with a Grimeca disc brake kit needs the adapter type PX.
  • A Vespa PX (1985) that has been retrofitted with an LML fork for disc brakes requires the adapter type LML.
  • A Vespa PX Disc (year 1998) needs the adapter type Vespa PX.

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