BGM Crankshaft Bearing & Oil Seal Set Vespa PX

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BGM Crankshaft Bearing & Oil Seal Set Vespa PX

Especially when choosing crankshaft bearings, you should always pay attention to high quality.

We have put together for you here BGM ORIGINAL Bearing sets.

In addition to quality bearings, the kit also contains high-quality shaft seals. Shaft seals in this set are exclusively supplied by Corteco.

quantity incl.: 2
EAN: 4250366600383
Bearing sets
size bearing 1: 25x62x12mm
type bearing 1: 613912
size bearing 2: 25x38x15mm
type bearing 2: NBI 253815
Oil seal sets
number of oil seals supplied: 2
size oil seal 1: 31x62x5,8/4,3mm
material oil seal 1: FPM, FKM
coating oil seal 1: no
size oil seal 2: 24x35x6mm
material oil seal 2: NBR
coating oil seal 2: no

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